Video Review: Debbie Gibson “Losin’ Myself”

In silhouette, a twentysomething woman dances against a scarlet background. Lit in electric blue, a twentysomething man dances against a white background. Debbie Gibson touches her leg as she sits against a tan background. Against the white background, a twentysomething man and woman dance in silhouette.

Wearing a white turtleneck sweater, Gibson stands in a dark room. The light from the netting illuminating her face. Lit in electric blue, Gibson runs her hand along the pole in the club. In royal blue, the twentysomething woman continues to dance in silhouette. In black-and-white, she dances while wearing a fur-trimmed top.

Lit in electric blue, Gibson takes off her gloves on stage. A strap of her dress falls down. Back in electric blue, she sings in the pouring rain on the sidewalk. In black-and-white, she touches a man’s bare chest. Back on stage, she lies on a platform and kicks up her leg. She twirls her jacket over her head and continues to walk on stage.

Rating: 3/5

Debbie Gibson touches the arm of an executive of a Fortune 500 company. He promises her a good night. She tells him she’s been looking forward to it. The executive was one of her better clients. He followed her rules and treated like a person. She was beginning to fall for him.

The executive rubs her back and says he’s leaving his wife. She touches his chest, telling him, “you’ll finally be happy.” The executive kisses her forehead and says it was because of her. She lifts her head up and gazes in his eyes. She knew she shouldn’t believe. But she wanted to.

Gibson turns down the executive’s bachelor party for his friend. He says he’ll be able to see her and it’ll be fun. Gibson takes her coat and says she can’t. He tells her he’ll pay double for what she charges. She says it’s her choice and they’ll see each other on their scheduled day. She wills herself not to cry as she gets into his town car and sits in the backseat.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 1993

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