Video Review: Ed Sheeran “Shivers”

The glass windows of the diner break. Ed Sheeran sits at the corner, glancing at Sophie (AnnaSophia Robb). In a split screen, they notice each other and stir their coffee. The wind blows as Sheeran drapes his arm on the chair to talk to her. A train runs through the diner.

Sheeran hangs onto the front of the train as it speeds on the road at night. Within his eye, he wears a silver outfit and dances against jagged gold background. At the Arrow Bro-Tel, a thirtysomething men lifts weights in the parking lot. Sheeran sits on a bench, waiting for Sophie to respond to his text. Sitting in the corner of his bedroom. he marks the days on the wall and throws pencils at the ceiling. He checks the time on the clock and bangs his head on the wall. His body falls on the floor.

He lies in the morgue. His phone lights up and he smiles. Sophie pulls him out and waves to him. Within her eye, she wears a red-and-yellow swirled outfit while dancing against a mauve background. Chandeliers flash as he walks into the store, holding flowers behind his back. As they hug, she accidentally pushes him into the wall. His hair standing up, he tries to figure out where he is as she checks on him.

She places her hand in the middle of the couch at The Birdcage hotel. A bird poops on his jacket. Sophie puts on a box over her head. Lit in a blistering red, they change into different outfits and dance. Fireworks go off in their room. Back at the Arrow Bro-Tel, he dances with the twentysomething men in the parking lot in the morning. He plays the guitar. One of the twentysomething men steals it from him.

He and Sophie walk to a wedding chapel at night. A group of people surround them. Sophie punches out one of them. Sheeran grins and changes into a Viking. While she beats up the people. he points his sword and screams. She leaps into his arms. Lightning strikes, freezing them in place. Within his eye, he wears the silver outfit again and takes off his glasses.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ed Sheeran holds the toolbox in his lap as Sophie fixes the window. She asks him for a wrench. He hands her a screwdriver. Sophie points to the wrench, saying, “that one, sweetie.” He gives it to her and says he can do something. Sophie says he’s being a big help sitting with the toolbox.

Sophie surprised him everyday. She was capable and strong. Sometimes, she intimidated him. He reminds himself she fell in love with him. She wanted to be with him. Even though he knew he wasn’t good enough for her. Although he had to was admire her and be grateful.

She tells him she isn’t feeling good. Her body aches and she can’t handle it anymore. Pacing back and forth, he shouts, “what do I do? Tell me!” She says for him to look it up and figure it on his own as she walks to the bedroom. The water in the shower was backing up. A couple of bills needed to be paid. He had no idea how to make himself dinner. In the kitchen, he lets out a silent scream.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2021

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