Video Review: Sunshine Anderson “Heard It All Before”

On the front lawn, the twentysomething man fades as he talks to Sunshine Anderson, “baby, let me explain to you.” Anderson says, “what are you saying?” He responds, “it’s not even like that.” Anderson says, “You don’t love me. I don’t even want to talk. I don’t want to see yo’ face” as she walks inside her home.

Anderson looks out the window. She sits on the couch and watches television. Anderson, at the window, laughs as he walks back and forth on the porch steps. A twentysomething woman joins her in the family room and laughs during the show. She opens the refrigerator door and gets a carton of ice cream. Sitting on the counter, she waves the spoon around. The twentysomething man talks to her in the kitchen. She continues to eat her ice cream.

A third twentysomething woman joins her in the family room. A voodoo doll with the twentysomething man’s face sits on the nightstand in her bedroom. She sits between two potted plants on rug. In the family room of a friend’s house, she performs with her band. Wearing a robe, she crosses her arms as she sits on her bed. Her friends listen to her.

The twentysomething man opens the screen door. She argues with him in the backyard. In her friend’s home, she continues to perform.

Rating: 3/5

Sunshine Anderson dances with her friends at the bar. She puts her arms around the twentysomething woman and moves her head. One of the twentysomething women laughs and tells her it’s great to see her smile again. Anderson sits at the table and says she almost forget.

Anderson peeks out her window. The twentysomething man may come back again. He’d been following her from place to place. Her next door neighbor told her she saw him sometime last week. Cell phone in hand, she sits on the couch and watches the television with the volume low.

One of the twentysomething women claps for Anderson and says she finally got her best friend back. Anderson asks if she saw anyone on the lawn. The twentysomething woman’s face falls and shakes her head. She says everyone will keep an eye out for him. Anderson glances at the door, thinking of an exit plan. He could walk in at any minute.

Director: Nzingha Stewart Year: 2001

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