Video Review: Los Lobos “Will The Wolf Survive?”

Louie puts the microphone in the stand. Steve picks up the drumsticks. A twentysomething puts on his cowboy hat as he walks in the desert. He treks on the mountains and ends up on the shoulder of a road. Louie, Steve, David, Conrad and Cesar perform at a small club.

The twentysomething walks onto the street, his outfit changing to khaki pants and a white t-shirt. A twentysomething woman, walking barefoot, gets off at the bus. He gets on the same bus and watches her. On her walk, she sees a factory. Gripping the fence, she stares at the building. Carrying her duffel bag, she glances at a wolf painting on a building.

Two thirtysomething men stare at her as she walks into a restaurant. She stands in line and locks eyes with the twentysomething man standing by the register. The twentysomething man gives the fortysomething man his plates and runs out of the door with the twentysomething woman. He hugs her in the field.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething man shows the twentysomething woman a flash card. She answers the question. He tells her “right.” She shows him one. He guesses, saying he wasn’t sure. She tells him he was almost correct and tells him the answer. He says he wishes the test was tomorrow. They’ve been studying for a couple of years and working whatever shift they can to pay for it. She tells him they are prepared. They’ll become citizens.

A fortysomething man calls him a racial slur on the street. The twentysomething man thinks of the oath he took to become an American citizen. He tried to live it up to everyday. His parents told him go and try for a better life. They were back in Mexico, scraping by.

The twentysomething woman brings a traditional meal to her workplace. The fortysomething woman turns up her nose, saying, “it’s not tacos.” She explains it is a taco with homemade salsa. A few twentysomething women tell her she’s an awesome cook. A thirtysomething woman says she won’t be able to enjoy fast food Mexican the same again.

Director: Mick Haggerty Year: 1984

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