Video Review: Rain Radio & DJ Craig Gorman “Talk About”

A twentysomething man pops a wheelie on his bicycle as he rides bicycle on the road. Cars turn to the left lane to avoid him. He and his several friends look at the cars on the expressway as they stand on the bridge. They ride their bicycles on the bridge and pop wheelies. A thirtysomething man shakes his hand as he and his friends arrive at a building.

One of his friends pick up the traffic cones. A second twentysomething man swerves on his bicycle. He and his friends walk up the steps with their friends. The twentysomething man discusses where they could go next in the subway. They get on the subway and talk. At night, one of his friends walks on the side of the bus as he rides his bicycle. They ride through a tunnel. A second twentysomething man falls as he rides his bicycle.

Several police officers watch the twentysomething man and his friends as they ride their bicycles. One friend rides their bicycle on the escalator. A third friend wipes out as he tries to fly over some bicycles. They sit together on the concrete, the skyline behind them. In the parking lot, they sit on the bicycles and stare at the buildings at night.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man pops a wheelie as rides his bicycle on the road. A few cars slow down and watch him. A fiftysomething man shouts at him to stop it. His friend races to him and pops a wheelie with him. They talk as they ride their bicycles while the cars move out of their way.

His second friend asks for his opinion on his trick. He says he’s been practicing it. However, he doesn’t think he has it down. The twentysomething man demonstrates it for him and says he thinks he knows what’s going wrong. They go over it together. Their other friends join in and practice with him.

The twentysomething man exclaims “ow!” as he lands on the pavement. His friends stop and walk over to him. His friend asks him if anything hurts. He shakes his arm and says it’s sore. It wouldn’t have been the first time. He’s broken his legs twice. He and his friends kept track of every hospital in the area. He limps as he walks. His second friend says they should call it a day. The twentysomething man says he wants to sit down for a moment. One of his friends grab him some water. A second friend asks a server for some napkins and wets them in the bathroom.

Director: James Barber Year: 2021

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