Video Review: Chlöe “Have Mercy”

Wearing an Area pink and black blazer, Chlöe stands on top of the sorority house. Several twentysomething women walk up to the house. As she walks down a magenta hallway, a reporter says, “authorities are searching for a 21-year-old man who went missing almost a week ago. What took place the night he disappeared?”

A male statue talks while he stands by the sorority house. In an Alexandre Vauthier jacket and custom Rey Ortiz outfit, she dances in the magenta hallway. In a pastel pink crop top and short shorts, she and her sorority sisters work out on the lawn. A fiftysomething woman (Tina Knowles-Larson) watches four twentysomething men walk into the house from her car.

She slaps her butt as she stands on the mat on the sidewalk. A twentysomething woman stretches her legs by her as she stands on the same mat. Wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline, she stands in the magenta hallway. She and the twentysomething women lie together on the floor in a circle. Wearing a hot pink dress, she hugs the leg of the male statue. She and the twentysomething women perform on a makeshift stage at the house at night. The twentysomething men cheer as they watch.

In the bushes at night, she gestures for the twentysomething man (Rome Flynn) to follow her. One of the twentysomething women (Bree Runway) paddles a second twentysomething man’s butt. Chlöe touches his chin as the twentysomething man lies beside her in bed. His body turns to stone. She rests her head on statue’s shoulder.

Rating: 5/5

An 18-year-old young woman admires a male statue on the front lawn of the sorority house. She says the cut is detailed and precise. Chlöe says it’s from her personal collection. Each one has a special meaning to her. The 18-year-old young woman points to the male statue by the pool and says he looks downhearted. Chlöe comments it’s her favorite piece and touches the twentysomething man’s chin.

The fortysomething woman sits across from Chlöe and explains they are going to hide the new statue. People are searching for the twentysomething man. Some of the women in the sorority are going to talk. Chlöe says she’ll take care of it and turns the fortysomething woman into stone.

Chlöe dances with a statue. The second twentysomething man had been such a sweetheart. The police officers walk on the campus. Two police officers sit in the parking lot. A twentysomething woman shouts that the fortysomething woman is gone and asks what are they going to do. Chlöe touches her chin, telling her, “nothing.” She hauls the two female statues to the basement. Once the police move on to something else, she’ll find a place in the courtyard for them.

Director: Karena Evans Year: 2021

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