Video Review: Lisa “Lalisa”

In black-and-white, Lisa walks into a church, wearing a gown. She touches a wall and it turns lavender. Wearing a KISS jacket and plaid skirt, she walks in the city. Lit in pastel pink, she and her dancers perform by oversized letters spelling “Lisa.”

She stands at a counter and drinks some soda. As she lies on a bubblegum pink sheet, hands try to pierce through it. She puts on a helmet and drives her motorcycle through the city and into a tunnel. Wearing a LaLisa hat, she and the twentysomething people dance on the sidewalk in the city. Police accompany her as she talks through a bullhorn.

She and two twentysomething women swing from a pole on stage. In the desert, she and the twentysomething people continue their routine. Some of her friends drive their motorcycles past her as she rides the ATV. She opens the window of her white painted house. Smiling, she swings by the rainbow striped painted doors and shutters of her home. Lit in aqua, she and the twentysomething people dance with her by the “Lisa” letters.

Rating: 2/4

Lisa rests her diamond-studded boots on the table and crossing her legs. One of her friends comments she makes her own rules. Lisa laughs as she licks a lollipop. She leans in closer to her friends and tells them a secret about her celebrity friend. They promise not to tell anyone.

Lisa walks in the city at night. A sales clerk at the boutique says she has some clothes for her. The owner of the tea store hands her a cup. She sips it and says it’s delicious. The bouncer of a club urges for her to come inside. She waves him off, saying she has a red-eye flight.

In the desert, she speeds and sails over the hills. She tumbles on her ATV. While it rolls over, she brushes off the dirt off her skirt and says it’s muddy. A friend of hers asks if she’s okay. Lisa shrugs, says she’s ready for the next hill as her ATV smokes.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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