Video Review: Nickelback “Far Away”

A twentysomething man smiles as he films a twentysomething woman in their bed. She laughs, covering her mouth with the sheet. Chad, Ryan, Mike and Daniel perform on a blood lit stage. His cell phone rings on the nightstand. He answers it and rubs her back. She watches him as he packs his firefighter uniform in his duffel bag. He kisses her goodbye and runs down the driveway.

A helicopter hovers over the forest and the twentysomething man arrives with his crew. They listen to their captain and go to their designated spots. She turns on the news and watches the report about the forest fire. The helicopter lands in the fire. The twentysomething man pulls on the hose. He and his team spray water on the fire.

His team calls for him to “come on!” He sees a thirtysomething man lying on the ground and picks him up. Waving his arms, he shouts for the helicopter to wait. A tree falls. The cell phone rings on the nightstand. She answers it. Placing it on the bed, she bursts it into tears. She opens the door of her home and sees the twentysomething man with his team. He smiles as she runs up and hugs him.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman reminds herself the twentysomething man is doing good. The thirtysomething man he rescued on his last shift is with his family. She walks into the kitchen and reads the card from the thirtysomething man’s family again. “We’re so grateful. Thank you for all that you do.”

The twentysomething man reads a magazine at the fire station. It was a quiet shift. So far, they had gone to two accidents. The roads had been slick. One of his teammates said the county has to look into the changing the light. They are at the intersection four times a month.

The twentysomething woman bites her nails. The twentysomething man’s shift was finished an hour. Perhaps they had an emergency. She turns on the news. There wasn’t any breaking news. She opens her laptop and checks the local newspaper. The phone rings. Her heart sinks. With a shaking hand, she answers it.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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