Video Review: Lilly Wood & the Prick “Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix)”

Nili sits at her vanity and pulls a strand of her. Several twentysomething men, in suits, with their face painted as skeletons, skateboard on the road. Benjamin holds up a skull flag as he rides in the backseat of his friend’s car. One of the twentysomething women paints a second twentysomething woman’s face.

Three people ride a bicycle. An 18-year-old young woman sits in front and kisses the twentysomething man. The 18-year-old young woman places a skull sticker on a streetlight on the sidewalk. Nili paints her face a skeleton. She puts on a rose crown on her head. The three twentysomething men pose for photos in the photo booth.

Nili stands in the bus shelter and waits. She looks out of the window of the bus. One of the twentysomething men falls off his skateboard. His hands hold onto the bumper, breaking his fall. The 18-year-old young woman kisses a twentysomething woman in the party store. The twentysomething man steals a bottle of liquor. They run out of the store. One of the twentysomething men golfs on top of a roof.

Nili and a twentysomething man kiss on a rooftop. One of the twentysomething men pops open the bottle of liquor. Nili smacks a skull piñata. She and her group of friends, including Benjamin dance. The three twentysomething men spray a fortysomething man with liquor as they stand by the bike rack. A second twentysomething woman tosses a second twentysomething man into a bathtub. The twentysomething woman moons people as she stands in the backseat of the car with her friends. Nili and her friends drink shots at Franken in Berlin, Germany.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nili pockets a lipstick while she’s at the store. Her old one was almost out. She waves goodbye to the clerk and skips down the sidewalk. Some people recoil at her skull-painted face. She blows them a kiss and continues to walk. The world was going to end someday. Every day, she questioned why God was destroying it. She wanted to know why her death wouldn’t matter in the long run.

Her mother urged to go to church again. The face paint was a plea for God’s help. Nili had argued God wasn’t going to step in. He was busy letting evil seep into other countries and poison them. She was going to live without the guilt.

She meets her boyfriend on top of the roof. They sleep together. A neighbor catches them and apologizes. She covers herself with a sheet, laughing. Her boyfriend, as he laughs, says it’s okay. She rests her head on his shoulder. Her boyfriend was like her church. They sinned, killing their souls a single cell each hour they were together. If she was going to worship death, she wasn’t going to be alone in the final minutes.

Director: Maxim Rosenbauer Year: 2014

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