Video Review: Gabby Barrett “Footprints On The Moon”

A 10-year-old Gabby Barrett folds her hands in prayer as she sits by her bed at night. She looks out her window and stares at the moon. In silhouette, Gabby Barrett stands by the moon on stage. The 10-year-old Gabby sits on the windowsill, holding onto her teddy bear.

Barrett sings on stage, her husband Cade Foehner stands behind her, playing the guitar. The 10-year-old Gabby draws a horse at her desk and plays the guitar on her bed. Photographers take pictures of Barrett at an event. She, Foehner and her baby stand together against a backdrop of the sky. The 10-year-old Gabby walks on the moon and stares at the planets.

Rating: 3/5

Gabby Barrett puts on lipstick in the bathroom of a red carpet event. A legendary singer walks to the sink and washes her hands. The legendary singer tells her, “sometimes I get tired of these events. Promotion, I guess.” The legendary singer says “good luck” to her and leaves. Barrett wanted to pinch herself. One of her idols just talked to her.

Her husband shakes hands and chats with some famous singers. She excuses herself from a conversation. Her agent tells her to stick around. She says she has to check in with her husband. Her agent tells her he can wait. Barrett says she won’t be long. Foehner nods and says for her to go back to work.

She hangs the designer dress in her closet. Her baby cries in the crib. She rushes to her baby and sings to it. Her baby smiles. As she cradles her baby, she thanks God for blessing her with a thriving career and a loving family. She was fortunate in every way possible.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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