Video Review: Stevie B “I Wanna Be The One”

In black-and-white, clouds swirl across the sky. Stevie B tosses and turns in his bed at around 3 a.m. He gets up from in bed. Sitting backwards in the chair, he sings. In color, B sits across from a twentysomething man and woman at a table in the food court at The Fashion Mall. A second and third twentysomething women sit on a bench. B checks the second twentysomething woman out and stands up to get a better look at her.

The second and third twentysomething get up from the bench and walk away. B looks at the empty bench. Hands on his hips, he asks his friends where she went. They point to the left. He follows them past a glass square wall. The two twentysomething talk as they walk through the food court. He jogs behind them.

B leans against a column. The two twentysomething women take the escalator up to the second floor. He looks from left to right as he travels down the escalator. Back in black-and-white, the second twentysomething woman dances by the screen door by herself. She joins him as he sits backwards in the chair. In color, he sits by the fountain and stares at the water. He and the second twentysomething woman hug by the entrance. She passes by him as he stands by the column. They stare at one another. He smiles at her while they hold hands in the mall.

Rating: 3.5/5

Stevie B liked the earrings. The second twentysomething woman didn’t wear them often, though. The bracelet, though, was what he really wanted to buy. However, it was out of his price range. He and the second twentysomething woman were saving up for a new car. Hers was in the shop all the time.

He walks to the fountain and drops a penny into it, making a wish. Closing his eyes, he wishes for a “yes” to his proposal. He’d have to do it at the mall, though. It was where they first met. He tells the clerk he’ll the get a ring instead.

The second twentysomething woman looks at her sneakers and says “gross.” She had stepped in some gum. B nods and says he’ll get some tissue. As he walks out of the bathroom, he takes out the jewelry box. She darts her eyes back and forth as he asks her to marry him. She urges him to sit down and says they’ll talk about it at home.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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