Video Review: DaBaby & Lil Wayne “Lonely”

A fiftysomething man in an amigo, holding a gun, says, “hell yeah, no one’s gonna fuck with me” as he rides by the mental health hospital. A thirytsomething man, his shirt bloodied, lies on the ground and says on the police radio, “I’ve been shot by a fucking clown.” DaBaby, wearing a green suit jacket, drops a manila envelope on the thirtysomething man and stands by the door of the mental health hospital.

He reloads his gun. Police officers yell at him to “freeze” and “put the gun down.” He smokes as kneels on the ground, hands raised. Laughing, he points the gun and drops it. Inside the hospital, a fortysomething woman holds a teddy bear as she sits in her wheelchair. DaBaby stands, wearing a hospital gown.

A doctor writes notes as he stands in a darkened room. Lil Wayne watches the DaBaby’s arrest on television. DaBaby closes the folder as a nurse lies on the table, blood on her papers. He holds his gun as the patients follow him. Wearing a suit and clown makeup, DaBaby touches his gun.

Wayne turns around his chair, smoking a cigar. Wearing a hospital gown and fannypack, he raps in the cafeteria. At the table, he pretends he’s going to shoot DaBaby. DaBaby shields himself with a folder. He sits in a straitjacket in the darkened room. A second thirtysomething man screams as DaBaby holds him. DaBaby waves his gun around in the cafeteria. He shoots a group of people in the cafeteria.

DaBaby wakes up in bed, a twentysomething woman kissing his cheek, asking him, “bad dream, baby?” He responds, “hell yeah” and hugs her. “The fuck,” he says as he turns. The green suit hangs in their bedroom. Against a black background, a message reads: “Mental Health Awareness Matters. 100% of us either deal or know someone who is dealing with mental health issues on a daily basis. Take a moment after watching this video and check on your loved ones. In Loving Memory of Glenn Allen Johnson.”

Rating: 1/5

Sitting in a chair at the mental health hospital, DaBaby stares out the window. Next to him, he sees the twentysomething woman dancing in front of him. DaBaby claps and motions for her to come over her. He kisses her and tells she’s beautiful. The twentysomething woman says “let’s go back to the room.”

Lil Wayne says hello to the twentysomething woman. DaBaby, holding a tray of food, says it’s good they can have him over for dinner. Wayne comments, “yeah” as he eats his food. The twentysomething woman didn’t exist. He knew to play along. A patient who pushed DaBaby on it was killed by him.

A nurse tells DaBaby his girlfriend has gone away. DaBaby says she has not and takes out his gun. He aims it at the nurse and demands her to say hello to her. The nurse responds with a meek “hello.” DaBaby says his girlfriend is upset that people ignore her. The nurse says she has a family. Two security guards grab DaBaby. DaBaby pulls away and shoots them. He hears police sirens and yells they won’t take him. The nurse cries. Wayne says his girlfriend is crying and to please the gun down. DaBaby kisses his girlfriend and says he’ll stop while placing the gun on the floor.

Director: DaBaby Year: 2021

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