Video Review: Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories “Do You Sleep?”

Against a black background, Lisa Loeb pours hot water from a bucket into a wash tub. She places a sheet in the water. As she stares at hands, they sparkle as she stands on a lake at night. In her reflection, she sees herself playing the guitar.

Reaching for the moon in the royal blue sky, she begins to play her guitar. She adds more water to the tub. Back on the lake, she splashes the water with her hands. She adds a third bucket to the tub and grips it. Back on the lake, she walks away in silhouette.

Rating: 2.5/5

Lisa Loeb places the dishes in the sink. She loads the dishwasher and wipes her hands on towel. In the family room, the twentysomething man cheers as he watches the baseball game. One of his friends says it was a really good play. Loeb sits at the dining table and picks up their dog.

Their dog barks at her to go outside. She opens the screen door and listens to the twentysomething man about his job. Apparently, he got to lead a meeting and his manager praised him. Loeb lets their dog inside and continues to sit on the chair. The twentysomething man continues to tell the man a twentysomething woman smiled at him at work. She even bought him lunch. Loeb motions for the dog to follow her to the porch.

She sits on the swing as she holds their dog. Their next door neighbor waves hello. Loeb asks if they have any recommendations for any roofers. Their neighbor says he has a business card for one. The twentysomething man opens the door and tells the second twentysomething man goodbye. Loeb, with the dog on the leash, walks to the sidewalk and takes the business card.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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