Video Review: Shania Twain & Billy Currington “Party For Two”

In a split screen, Shania Twain and Billy Currington talk to each other on their cell phones while they walk on the sidewalk. A note on the fence says “Party 8 PM.” Currington picks it up and reads. The next note reads: “Wanna know where?”

Twain gives a note to a twentysomething man moving a large table in the street. Currington checks out two twentysomething woman pass by him on the sidewalk. He talks to Twain inside a telephone booth. She writes a note and gives it a server at a restaurant. A thirtysomething man works on his chalk drawing on the sidewalk. Twain hands him a note.

Currington opens the door into a building and sees a city landscape decorated on stage. He and Twain move their plates off the table. They dance on the table. As they swing from the chandelier, they talk and laugh.

Rating: 2.5/5

Billy Currington whistles as he stares at the setup. He tells Shania Twain that she went all out. Twain pulls him to her and says they should dance. Currington asks the server for a glass of water. He says he’s worn out. Twain says they still have time for dinner. She told the chef to make his favorite.

Currington says the artwork is amazing. She says the artist she commissioned worked a month on it and says it’s her present to him. Currington exclaims “wow!” and says he doesn’t know he’s going to get it home. She says she’ll hire some movers for him.

Twain drinks some wine and says it’s good they finally got a chance to see each other. She says she heard about his girlfriend. Currington shakes his head as he cuts into his steak. He says it wasn’t going to work out. Twain says she’s still available. Currington says she knows he’ll always love her. Twain says she’s resourceful and gestures to the setup. Currington laughs and winks at her.

Director: Marcus Raboy Year: 2004

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