Video Review: YoungBoy Never Broke Again “Life Support”

YoungBoy Never Broke Again glances out the window of the car as he sits in the backseat. He plays with his children in the afternoon. One of his friends talks to him as they hang out in a hallway inside a building. In black-and-white, he nods his head while listening to music as he drives his car.

Wearing an orange jacket, he sits inside his car parked at a sushi place. He smokes as he sits in an ATV. Lit in royal blue, he puts on headphones in the recording studio. He talks with a friend as he looks at ATVs in the store. A twentysomething woman eats from a Styrofoam container as she walks with YoungBoy.

Rating: 1/5

YoungBoy Never Broke Again scrolls through his phone at his ex-girlfriend’s house. He arranges for meetings and texts some of his friends. He walks onto the front lawn and plays Tag with his kids. He sits with them as they eat their lunch. They ask him about the places he visited and he shows them pictures.

He passes by an ATV store and thinks he may buy one. At the store, the clerk gives him a recommendation. He says he may come back. However, he returns after dinner and buys one. He rides it in the backyard of his ex-girlfriend’s home. His kids ask if they can ride with him.

His current girlfriend says she’s in the mood for sushi. He finds a parking spot in the structure and they walk to the restaurant. She says they have to buy an apartment near the city. He tells her they’ll start looking. They stop and look around in the stores. He sits in the car and waits for her as she tries on clothes.

Director: Rich Porter Year: 2021

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