Video Review: P. Diddy, Usher & Loon “I Need A Girl, Part 1”

P. Diddy sits on his bed and takes off his sunglasses. He and Usher dance against a caramel background. A fortysomething man kisses a twentysomething woman on the cheek. She glances at people in Diddy’s home. Twentysomething men and women dance in the family room.

Usher leans against a column. Diddy sits on the couch and talks with two twentysomething women. Craig Mack takes a glass of champagne as he sits on a chair. Diddy kisses a second twentysomething woman and watches the people dance. Usher lifts off his shirt as he continues to lean against the column. Loon stands with two twentysomething women by the wall.

Loon talks with one of the twentysomething women as they dance together in the family room. Fabolous and DJ Clue hang out together. Diddy talks with a third twentysomething woman on the bed. They kiss as she holds a sheet over her body in the sauna. She smiles as he gives her a puppy and kisses him. They cuddle in the bathtub. A message on the screen reads: “to be continued.”

Rating: 2.5/5

A twentysomething woman hugs P. Diddy in bed. She nibbles his ear and says she had a good time. He tells her his chef will make whatever she wants for breakfast and gets up from the bed. The twentysomething woman says she’s not all that hungry yet. Diddy says he’ll meet her downstairs later.

Usher says he knows of a friend who’ll like to go out with him. Diddy says he’s not interested. Usher sips the champagne and says he heard the news about the third twentysomething woman, too. Diddy says the third twentysomething woman deserves to be happy after what he put her through.

Diddy checks out some dating websites. He creates a profile. There were some women he’d like to get to know. A few twentysomething woman like his profile. He scrolls and sees a few ex-girlfriends. Some wanted to chat. But he declines them. It was still too soon.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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