Video Review: Taylor Swift “Style”

Taylor Swift tilts her head as clouds roll by. Within her silhouette, the twentysomething man (Dominic Sherwood) stands in a cave and watches the ocean. Swift stands in the forest and holds a necklace. He sits up in bed and sees her wearing sunglasses through a lavender curtain.

In bed, she opens her eyes and moves the sheet. Lit in teal, she closes her eyes as she stands by cracked glass. The twentysomething man holds up a piece of broken glass with her lips. He covers his mouth with the glass. He stands next to her in the glass. His face reflects in her dress. Clouds fill Swift’s neck in her profile.

The lines of the road run within the twentysomething man’s back in his profile. He drives his car at night and sees her in the mirror. Against the black background, he removes his shirt, highlighting his teal-lit body. She touches his chest and neck as they embrace. As lightning strikes against the white background, Swift touches her thigh. The twentysomething man stands on a rock and looks at the ocean. At night, she sits in the forest and stands up once she sees headlights.

Rating: 5/5

Taylor Swift and the twentysomething man nod at each other in the forest. He reaches for her hand. She puts her hand on his shoulder. They stare at one another. He leans into her and says they should go to the cabin. She holds his hand as they walk.

As they sit on the couch, he says he’s going to assume she knows. Swift says they never agreed to be exclusive. They aren’t really anything concrete. He kisses her hair and says he’s going to be moving in with his current girlfriend. However, they’ll still be able to meet up. Hand on his chest, she says it’s going to end sometime. He tells her he won’t let it happen.

Swift avoids the twentysomething man’s girlfriend. The twentysomething woman sticks to the twentysomething man’s side and glares at her. A second twentysomething man gives her a sympathetic smile. It was an open secret. Only she and the twentysomething man pretended not to know.

Director: Kyle Newman Year: 2015

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