Video Review: Stacy Lattisaw “Nail It To The Wall”

A twentysomething man reaches for the alarm clock on his nightstand and bangs it on the table. Shirtless, he sits on the couch and watches television. He eats some toast for breakfast and makes his lunch. Stacy Lattisaw talks to him by the door before he leaves.

At night, she dances on a sidewalk, overlooking the skyline. He walks onto the construction site. A fortysomething man grabs his shirt and directs him to a spot. He cuts pieces of wood in half. She passes by him and a golden glow covers him. He dances as he holds the saw. A twentysomething woman helps two fortysomething men sand. She tosses bricks and drops them into a pile.

Sparks fly as Lattisaw stands within the construction site. The fortysomething man yells at her. She walks by him and he smiles. Several twentysomething woman dance inside the frame. They have lunch and dance. The twentysomething man walks to outhouse and sits inside. While reading the newspaper, he thinks of dancing with Lattisaw on the sidewalk by the skyline.

A group of people shout at him as they stand in line by the outhouse. She disappears as he hugs her. Back in the outhouse, he puts down the newspaper and walks out. Lattisaw touches his arm as she stands within construction site. She leaves with him.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man rushes to the first aid kit. He applies a bandage to his hand. The fortysomething man, his boss, tells him to get back to work. He tells him he’ll be back there in a moment. As he walks to his section, he shakes his head. Stacy Lattisaw was going to visit him today. He wanted her to be impressed.

Lattisaw waves to his boss as she walks by the site. She says it’s going to be such a good home for people. He says they’ll have it finished it in another couple months. There’s still wiring and plumbing to do. She asks him about his hand. He says it was just a minor accident. She tells him it makes her nervous.

The twentysomething man puts on his suit. Lattisaw helps him with his tie. She says he’s so handsome. He kisses her and holds her. She tells him he’s going to be late on his first day as manager. The twentysomething man nuzzles her neck, saying no one expects to him to be early. She “hmmm’s” and pushes him away, telling him she’ll see him on his break.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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