Video Review: Josh Gracin “Nothin’ To Lose”

A 17-year-old Josh parks his car in the parking lot at Stratford High School in Nashville, Tennessee. He holds his books in his arm, his thumb on a note for Ann-Marie. A second 17-year-old boy skateboards over the steps. He takes the notes from 17-year-old Josh.

Josh Gracin walks down the hallway of the high school. The second 17-year-old boy continues to skateboard in the hallway and gives the note to a 16-year-old girl standing with her friend’s locker. The note gets passed around during one of 17-year-old Josh’s class. People pass the note in the lunch line. A 15-year-old boy accidently pours milk on it. He cleans it off in the bathroom. It flies underneath a stall. A tall, balding thirtysomething man puts it in his suitcase. Gracin sits on the bleachers.

The tall, balding thirtysomething man walks by the cheerleaders as they practice in the gym. A second 16-year-old girl opens her backpack in the lunch line and drops the note onto a 14-year-old’s boy lunch. The sixtysomething lunch woman finds it on the tray and gives it to the principal. The principal, a fiftysomething man, reads the note at his desk. He glares at 17-year-old Josh, who sits across from him. Ann-Marie walks into the principal’s office and cringes when she sees the note. She says hello to Josh. A twentysomething Ann-Marie walks up to Gracin in the hallway and kisses him.

Rating: 4/5

Josh Gracin points to the their locker and asks her if she remembers. Ann-Marie laughs, saying she had a picture of Leo DiCaprio in it. Gracin nods, saying he doesn’t know how he was able to compete. He waves to the secretary, who had been there when they attended. The secretary smiles and says it’s good to see them still so in love.

She gets her paycheck and tells everyone to have a good weekend. A twentysomething woman asks, “Josh?” He nods. She tells him her name and says Ann-Marie talks about him all the time. Josh asks her how she’s doing. She says she’s a paraprofessional and was on lunch. As she walks away, Ann-Marie says she always had a crush on you.

They sit in the bleachers. The pep rally going to start in a couple minutes. Homecoming season was a busy time for her. She had cheerleading practice and competitions. Several of the trophies in the case were for her work. He listens as she introduces the cheerleaders and tells everyone they are going to win. Gracin shouts “yeah!” and claps. The team was awesome this year. They were going to go to state. He knew it.

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2004

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