Video Review: Lady Gaga “Applause”

Against a black background, Lady Gaga is suspended in air with metal wings. In black-and-white, she stands on all fours on a mattress. Wearing a hunter green blouse and splattered skirt, she sits in an oversized top hat. Back in black-and-white, she turns her head on a platform. Wearing a skull cap and bodysuit, she covers herself with a sheet.

She dances inside a birdcage. Wearing clown makeup, she presses her head against the white sheet. Back in black-and-white, she dodges knives as she turns her head. In color, she smears the yellow makeup on her face. Camera flash as she struts down the runway wearing her metal wings. Animated hands reach for her as she stands on a platform wearing a coconut shell bra.

The platform turns and she transforms into a talking swan. Wearing a leather bra top and shorts, she shrinks as she performs on stage. Through a lavender spiral, she carries an oversized vase of flowers. Back in the leather bra and shorts, she convulses on the stage. Confetti falls as she raises the vase over her head.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lady Gaga crosses her legs as she dines at a restaurant. She whispers into the ear of a twentysomething man. The cameras flash. The twentysomething man tells her rumors are going to start. Gaga says it what she wants. She pretends to ignore the cameras as she puts her hand on his shoulder.

Hundreds of fans shout and cheer for her as she enters her hotel. She blows them a kiss and tells them she loves them. Walking up to her hotel room, she heads to the balcony and performs an impromptu show. It was what they expected of her. She waves to the photographers. Her photograph was going to pay some of their bills for the month.

She changes into jeans and a t-shirt. For now, she was herself, whoever that was. She was more Lady Gaga than herself more than these days. Lady Gaga was invading her, consuming her. She could only give into Lady Gaga. Without the validation of Lady Gaga, she was no one. And she couldn’t be no one.

Directors: Inez & Vindooh Year: 2013

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