Video Review: Anne-Marie & Little Mix “Kiss My (Uh Oh)”

Anne-Marie announces “I’m ready to party!” as she walks down the aisle in first class. The flight attendant, a twentysomething man, shushes her and tells her “we all are, ok? Please return to your seat. ” She walks back to coach and he closes the curtain. Perrie and Leigh-Anne sit in their seats in first class. Perrie holds a portable fan to her face while Leigh-Anne steals food off the sixtysomething man’s plate sitting next to her.

Jade, wearing a neck pillow, walks down the aisle. A second twentysomething man closes the bathroom door. She tells him “hi” and he directs her to her seat. Jade puts her leg on the wall. Anne-Marie dances in the aisle in first class. A twentysomething woman carries gold wedding band balloons to their hotel room. Anne-Marie applies NYX makeup to her face. The twentysomething woman hugs her and kisses her on the cheek.

Anne-Marie jumps on the bed. Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade dance in place as they sit on the bed with her. Lit neon hot pink. Anne-Marie walks into the strip club, wearing a bachelorette party dress. She carries a tray of shots. Perrie and Leigh-Anne eat dinner and nap in the hotel room. Jade dances in the strip club. In a split screen, they wave to Jade and Anne-Marie as they drink in the club.

A blow-up doll gets bounced around in the club. The men take off their clothes on stage. Jade and her friends point to Anne-Marie to join the men. Anne-Marie and Jade sit on chairs on stage. The men perform lapdances for them. Anne-Marie and Jade laugh.

Rating: 5/5

Anne-Marie puts on sunglasses as she and her friends sit at the pool at the hotel. Perrie says she’s liking the peace and quiet. Leigh-Anne says she doesn’t want to move. Jade looks over the brochure for the spa. Anne-Marie asks them if they have any aspirin. Jade opens her purse and gives her the bottle. She motions for the server to give them some water.

Perrie rolls the dice at the craps table and wins the hand. It was a decent amount of money. She says it’s going to the baby fund. Leigh-Anne sips her water and motions for them follow her. The show was going to be starting in a half hour.

Anne-Marie sits with Leigh-Anne, Jade and Perrie and says she’s so glad they are her friends. She just feels bad they missed out the strip club. Perrie and Leigh-Anne says watching was enough. Leigh-Anne says they always come back. Anne-Marie hugs them and says she’s nervous about getting married. She says she hung out with one of the guys instead of going at the spa. Leigh-Anne tells her she still has time. Perrie asks if anything happened. Anne-Marie says no but she wanted it to. Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie hug her, saying they are there for her, whatever she decides.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2021

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