Video Review: Phillip Bailey “Walking On The Chinese Wall”

A sixtysomething man looks up. A twentysomething woman and Phillip Bailey walk the fields in China. Several twentysomething women work in the field. Bailey walks in the field by himself. The sixtysomething man sits on a chair in the field and drops Ching coins on a small table.

Bailey watches as the sixtysomething man pieces together the puzzle of his face. A 7-year-old boy runs in the field and joins Bailey. Bailey talks with the children. Lights flash as the three twentysomething women wake him up in the field at night. He leads the horse as the second twentysomething  woman rides it. Shirtless, she cuddles with him by the tree.Bailey rides the horse. The sixtysomething man drives a car on the road. The second twentysomething stands in a field with flags. She turns and smiles at Bailey.

Rating: 5/5

Phillip Bailey writes a letter to the second twentysomething woman living in Beijing, China. Her family had opened their home to him while he traveled to China. They snuck in kisses in the hallway. She had taken to see the Great Wall. His hosts had sat him down, asking him if something was going on. He told them they were just friends.

The second twentysomething woman had told him she would like to see America one day. However, she had to take care of her family. He says he’d love for her to visit him. She smiles at him and holds his hand as they hike. As they hike, she explains the history of the fields.

He sends the plane ticket to her in the mail. She mentioned she was saving up money. In her letters, she had listed the places she wanted to see. He said they’d would do a road trip. A few weeks later, she writes back, saying she was able to take time off. He grins, knowing he’ll see her again.

Director: Duncan Gibbins Year: 1986

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