Video Review: Chely Wright “Single White Female”

Chely Wright sits in the back of a neon hunter green and electric blue lit bus. In the afternoon, a thirtysomething man with a goatee sits in a seat, looking out the window. A fiftysomething bald man leans over as he looks out the window. A second fiftysomething man reads the newspaper. Back in the hunter green, Wright walks to the front of the bus.

A twentysomething man walks onto the bus. A twentysomething woman grins as she gazes at him while he reads the paper. Back in the hunter green, Wright’s band and background singers join her on the bus. The twentysomething man glances at her and gets off at his stop. Back in neon hunter green, a fiftysomething woman sings along with Wright.

The twentysomething woman bites her lip as she sees the twentysomething walk onto the bus. She moves her backpack as he sits next to her. While he sits next to her, he reads. He gets off at his stop, leaving his book on his seat. She walks off the bus  and gives it to him. He invites her to hang out with him.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman gives the twentysomething man a high-five as they play video games. She kisses her boyfriend on the cheek and tells him he has quite the challenge ahead of him. The second twentysomething man groans as his game ends. Her boyfriend takes the controller.

The twentysomething man asks her how her relationship is going as they fill bowls with chips in the kitchen. She tells him it’s good. She really cares about him. The twentysomething man says it’s great she’s happy with him. He knew she’d find someone for her. She watches as he walks to the bathroom and blinks back tears.

The twentysomething man kisses his girlfriend. The twentysomething woman folds her hands in her lap as she sits on the couch. She tells them they have a lovely home. The second twentysomething woman says she was afraid they’d lose out on it. The twentysomething man looks away from the twentysomething woman as she glances at him.

Director: Deaton Flanigen Year: 1999

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