Video Review: Dave & Stormzy “Clash”

Lit in royal blue, a group of twentysomething women dance in a club. A message on screen notes it’s “South London. Undisclosed Location.” Dave and Stormzy walk to car at Aston Martin Lagonda’s headquaraters in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

Dave and Stormzy ride the car past a part of the assembly line. Stormzy, Dave and a group of people stand by the row of cars at night. Lit by multi-colored lights in a hallway, Dave and Stormzy walk by a series of cars. Stormzy and Dave race each other on the track. A couple of the twentysomething women ride with Dave and Stormzy. Lit in hot pink, they turn into infrared skeletons in the car.

Lit in hot pink, Stormzy and the group of friends dance by the car. Dave sits on top of the car. Lit in electric blue, the group of friends dance in the club.

Rating: 4/5

Dave explains the design of the car to his friends. He points out his ideas which worked into the final product. Some of his “oooh.” A twentysomething woman asks if she can take a ride in it. He answers “yes” and rides the car on the track. As they stand on the track, he asks them if it felt bumpy for them. Or if a dial didn’t work. A second twentysomething woman says it didn’t get cool quickly enough. Dave nods and says he’ll bring it up in a meeting.

Stormzy greets his staff in a meeting and lets them know the change in rules. He says they will be effective tomorrow. A couple members of his staff ask questions. He tells them it was due to some complaints they had. Stormzy assures his staff they have taken care of the problem on their side. They want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

At lunch, Dave says, “management found out about the late night drive?” Stormzy tells him they are in the clear for it. He says some information was leaked to their competitor. HIs management has an idea of who it might’ve been. Dave tells him he may know who is he talking about. Stormzy says they are indeed talking about the correct person. Dave says he’s on it. He’ll get the person to brag about it. Stormzy says it’s going to get messy. Dave shrugs and says he can handle it.

Director: Edem Wornoo Year: 2021

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