Video Review: Nelly Furtado & Timbaland “Promiscuous”

Timbaland stands against a brick wall. Lit in aqua, Nelly Furtado dances with a twentysomething man by the brick wall. Keri Hilson talks with Timbaland. Lit in neon lime green, people dance at the club. Back in aqua, Furtado touches a twentysomething man’s (Sean Faris) face.

Wearing a silver fringed top, Furtado stands in the club while her friends dance. Against a caramel background, Furtado sings into the microphone as Timbaland plays the drums. Back in neon lime green, the twentysomething man nuzzles Furtado’s neck as they dance.

Back against the caramel background, Furtado and Timbaland talk on their phones in a split screen. She also talks with Justin Timberlake. Back in neon lime green, Timberlake dances in the club. Timbaland talks on the phone with Hilson. She dances with Timbaland against the caramel background. In aqua, Timbaland whispers in a twentysomething woman’s ear. Lit in scarlet, she whispers into the twentysomething man’s ear. In aqua, Timberlake, Furtado and Timbaland dance by the brick wall. She dances by herself.

Rating: 4.5/5

Nelly Furtado ends the phone call and talks to the twentysomething man. He says he’s an excellent lover. She says he may have some competition. He tells her he wants to find out. She guzzles her drink and grabs his hand. They kiss by her car. She says she’s been wanting him for awhile. He tells her she finally has her chance.

Timbaland leaves a voicemail for Furtado. A twentysomething woman gestures for him to come over. He sits on the couch and kisses her. As they continue to make out, he thinks of Furtado. They’d been talking for months now. He just wants her to come over.

Furtado tells him not a chance. She’s busy with the twentysomething man. Timbaland’s eyes bulge out and she tells him not to look so surprised. He shrugs, saying she’s not the type to go out with the same guy twice. They had a fun thing going. Furtado says for not to give up. Timbaland says he won’t. He’ll wait for her. She says it won’t be too much longer.

Director: Director X Year: 2006

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