Video Review: Joyner Lucas & J Cole “Your Heart”

A twentysomething woman sticks a knife into a sneaker and rips up with a t-shirt. Joyner Lucas sits in a chair in his room and watches her. He stands in the doorway of the laundry room as she pours bleach over his clothes. She stains the couch with the contents of a liquor bottle and tears up the cushions.

She breaks the glass table and hits the framed pictures on the wall. In the closet, she closes the jewelry box and takes. She spray paints the bed. Lucas sleeps with a second twentysomething woman in his bed. J. Cole lectures Lucas on his cheating. On the glass table, the twentysomething puts a necklace around Lucas’ neck. She smashes the windshield of his car and lights it on fire. Arms crossed, she watches his car burn.

Rating: 4/5

Joyner Lucas cleans up the glass in his family room. The second twentysomething woman calls the twentysomething woman a crazy psycho. She jingles the bracelet Lucas bought her and says she knows her address. Lucas rushes up to her and says not to escalate the situation. She glares at him, asking if he’s still hung up on her. He asks her to leave. She slams the door on the way out.

Lucas sits in a chair and rubs his face. He really screwed up. J. Cole knocks on the door and surveys the damage. He tells him the car is gone. Lucas says he was on the phone with the insurance earlier. They’re sending him a rental. Cole says he should’ve just broken up with her. Lucas says it’s just a mess.

Lucas directs the movers to the dining room. His new tables finally came in. He places an order for a new couch. As he changes the sheet, he sees the swirls and knows he deserved every bit of it. It was his mistake and he had to own it. His mother couldn’t even look him in the eye.

Director: Joyner Lucas Year: 2021

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