Video Review: Giveon “For Tonight”

Lit in ice blue, Giveon walks towards to a twentysomething woman. He leans against his car as smoke billows. Wearing a blue suit, he sings against a black background. Back in ice blue, the twentysomething woman closes her eyes and touches her neck.

Wearing an emerald dress, she puts her hands on her hips as she stands by a mesh wall. Lit in a soft red, he and the twentysomething woman talk in her car while it rains. He sits in a recliner. The twentysomething woman and Giveon talk in the forest at night. They cuddle in bed. He sings inside a warehouse.

Rating: 2.5/5

Giveon kisses the twentysomething woman in her car. She says she doesn’t have much time today. Her boyfriend is starting to ask questions. He says they’ll make the best of it. As he follows her into the hotel, a dozen questions run through his read: “are you going to leave him? will we ever go on vacation together?” She pays the clerk and says it’s her turn.

The second twentysomething woman comments that he’s quiet. Giveon says he has a lot going on. The second twentysomething responds “yeah” and sighs. She returns to her phone. Giveon texts the twentysomething woman “miss you.” The twentysomething woman responds with a lips emoji. He gets up from the couch and walks upstairs to the bedroom. The second twentysomething woman reads the text from Giveon and races upstairs. He was interested in her for the moment. He still wanted her.

Giveon squeezes the twentysomething woman’s hand in the bathroom. He tells her their significant others are in the kitchen. She shrugs and says they don’t suspect anything. Giveon tells her it’s draining him to sneak around. She removes her hands from his chest and tells him he knows why they can’t be together. Giveon tells her to forget it and returns to the dining room.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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