Video Review: Louise Tucker & Charlie Skarbek “Midnight Blue”

A clock ticks on a mausoleum. Lit in royal blue, several nuns walk into a mausoleum. Louise Tucker stands between two columns. Charlie Skarbek walks outside and peers through the gate. Tucker stands by a tombstone. Skarbek and Tucker stand back to back, their heads pressed together while she spreads her arms by the two columns. A clock ticks as they press their heads together again. The nuns walk towards to her inside the mausoleum.

Rating: 2/5

Louise Tucker listens as the nuns pray. They visited the mausoleum once a day, tending to the unvisited souls. A nun places her hand on Tucker’s engraved name and repeats her prayer. With each prayer, she was becoming stronger. She could walk and touch. Although she couldn’t go far, she know she would be able to someday.

Charlie Skarbek walks to the gate. He couldn’t go in. He has tried to make himself for the past year. However,  each time he turned back. Tucker’s spirit was in the area, coursing through him. He knew she could feel him and was watching him. But he couldn’t touch her name, knowing he was falling in love with someone.

Tucker waits for Skarbek to visit her. There was so much she wanted to tell him. He’d be excited to see her once again. They’d be together again. She feels him fading away. His thoughts were unclear. Usually, she was able to hear him. He was pushing her away. Her foot freezes as she steps onto the sidewalk.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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