Video Review: Kylie Minogue & Years & Years “A Second To Midnight”

Kylie Minogue, wearing a leopard print jacket, walks on stage of  Collin’s Music Hall in London, England. She dances on the cobalt lit stage. The spotlight shines on her as she pulls on Olly’s leopard print jacket. In a flash, Olly becomes taller, wearing a blonde wig looking at Minogue. Minogue, wearing an orange wig, stares at him at him.

They take off their jackets and shake them at each other. Olly puts his hand on Kylie’s shoulder. They lie together on the floor and talk to each other. Standing back to back, they briefly change wigs. Dancers, wearing Kylie and Olly masks, perform on balconies behind them. Minogue and Olly perform with the dancers on stage. Lit in siren red, the Olly dancers do the splits. As the lights flash, Minogue, Olly and the masked dancers continue their routine. In silhouette, the masked dancers run off the stage.

Rating: 1.5/5

Kylie Minogue hands Olly a sample of Superman ice cream and says he’ll love it. He takes a bite and says she’s right. He orders one for himself. As they sit and talk, they talk about their favorite designers. A small disagreement occurs about one runway piece. However, they think the tiered dress was the worst in the collection.

Olly turns on a song and they both dance it. He twirls Minogue and says she’s her favorite person. Minogue pinches his cheeks and says he reminds her a lot like her. Minogue sees a puppy and asks if she can pet it. Olly holds the puppy in her arms. He tells her he has to adopt one. Minogue says it’ll be just like her dog.

Olly accidentally tries to unlock Minogue’s car. They had both bought the same one. Minogue points out a scratch on the car, adding he does is every time they hang out. Olly says he’ll remember someday. Minogue hugs him and says see him in a few minutes. Olly and Minogue pull up in their subdivision and park their cars in the driveway.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2021

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