Video Review: Angie Stone “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”

Angie Stone sings as she sits in the backseat of a car at night. She stands in nook of her family room. A DJ spins a record at the bar. As she stands against the wall, she watches as people dance. A twentysomething man hugs a twentysomething woman.

Stone walks into the lounge and sees the twentysomething man dancing with the twentysomething woman. She talks with two twentysomething woman in a backyard. In the bar, she imagines he turns and sees her. She tells him what a lowlife he is. However, she walks up to them and then leaves, saying nothing. She sits by a waterfall and smiles.

Rating: 3/5

Angie Stone slides a coaster from the bar on the counter. He looks up and says, “I’ve heard it’s a cool place.” Stone says she was there last Saturday. His face falls and he says “it was nothing. It was a dance.” Stone smirks and tells him to get out.

She could’ve caused a scene. The twentysomething woman would’ve stood up for him. calling her every name. It would’ve entertained a few people’s nights. However, the twentysomething woman was going to find out.  She wasn’t going to be anyone’s story for the evening.

Stone drinks in the car, talking with a second twentysomething woman. The twentysomething woman’s  voice rises to a shrill yell as she accuses the twentysomething man of looking at another woman. The second twentysomething man shifts in his seat. Stone taps his knee and says they should probably head out. He says he’ll pay their tab. The twentysomething woman slams the door as she storms out the bar.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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