Video Review: Justin Bieber “Ghost”

Wearing a suit, Justin Bieber watches the waves crash on the ocean. His grandmother (Diane Keaton) and grandfather talk at the table. His grandfather gives him a playful punch on the shoulder. Bieber carries a birthday cake to the table. His grandfather blows out the candles. He poses for a picture with his grandparents.

Bieber listens to priest talk about his grandfather at a memorial on the beach. His grandmother stares at the urn. A framed photo of his grandmother sits on a table with several candles by it. His grandmother hugs him and sobs on his shoulder.

A note on the screen reads: “2 Years Later.” Bieber sits on the staircase. His grandmother puts her hands on the sink and looks down. He picks up a framed photo of his grandfather and stares while sitting on the piano bench. Bieber brings home some clothes for his grandmother. She puts her hand in her hands as she sits on the chair. As she walks downstairs, he exclaims “wow!”

Bieber and his grandmother clink wine glasses during dinner at a four-star restaurant. They drink shots and dance at the bar. He swipes past photos on a dating site while they sit together by the couch. She stares at one man’s photo. They drive to the beach in the afternoon. He walks with her on the sand. She scatters his grandfather’s ashes in the ocean. They hug. A sixtysomething man sits on the hood of his car and waves at them. She questions Bieber and he tells her to talk to him. His grandmother introduces herself to the sixtysomething man.

Rating: 5/5

Justin Bieber washes his face in the bathroom. She had to be okay. They were just talking about going to the beach tomorrow. The sixtysomething man puts his hand on his shoulder, telling him she’ll pull through. Bieber shakes his head and says he has to be alone.

His grandparents had taken him in as a child and had raised him as their own. He didn’t really know of his mom and dad, other than stories his grandparents told him. His dad loved to sail, which he liked to do on the summer days. His mom had traveled and met his dad while waiting for a museum to open in Europe. They married a year later and had him.

The words blur as he listens to the doctor. None of the words made sense. She was okay. She was going to walk out of the room and go have a drink with him. She’ll tell him, “it’s going to take more than a fall to bring me down again.” He glances through the blinds as she lies in the bed, tubes in her mouth, the monitor quiet.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2021

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