Video Review: Blxst, Ty Dolla $ign & Tyga “Chosen”

A twentysomething woman sits with her friends in the common area on campus. She shows the second twentysomething woman a picture on her phone. Two twentysomething women dance on the steps of their home. A third twentysomething jogs and bumps into Blxst.

Three twentysomething women play cards on the grass. Three twentysomething men talk as they toss around a football. People dance at Evgle’s fraternity party. Blxst glances and sees the third twentysomething woman by the standing by a table. She hugs him.

Three twentysomething men sit at a table on the football field and listen to Blxst. They look up in the boxes and see Ty Dolla $ign standing by several cars and women. Blxst joins him. He cuddles with the third twentysomething woman on the grass. Blxst, Tyga and Ty Dolla $ign rap on the football field while the cheerleaders perform a routine behind them. The cheerleaders continue their routine in the locker room.

Rating: 5/5

Blxst looks in the mirror as he puts on his jacket. The twentysomething man sighs and flings his tie. Blxst helps him with it. The twentysomething man says he appreciates it and that he is really nervous. He really wants his date to go well and asks how Blxst got to the third twentysomething woman to be his girlfriend. Blxst tells him that he was himself.

He twirls the third twentysomething as they dance. The third twentysomething woman says the game was so exciting. Blxst says he thinks the quarterback is going to the NFL next year. The third twentysomething woman nods and says she wouldn’t be surprised. He kisses her as they continue to dance to the ballad.

The third twentysomething woman sits on the blanket and stares at the stars. Blxst asks her if she’s cold. She shakes her head and hands him a flask. He drinks out of it and passes it to her. She asks him about his internship out of state. He says he’s waiting to hear. She tells him she found out about studying abroad and received a yes. He rubs his hand and tells her they’ll make it work.

Director: madebyJames Year: 2021

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