Video Review: Jana Kramer “Why Ya Wanna”

Jana Kramer rides her bicycle on the trail. She stares at a twentysomething man as he strokes her hair in bed. As they fish at the cabin, they talk. She dances into the lake and he splashes her butt. He picks her up and they topple into the water. She climbs into the kayak.

While she continues to bike, she dabs at the tears in her eyes. She tries to steady the kayak. They cuddle. She dances with the stereo at their campsite. He grabs her waist and dances with her. She puts shaving cream on his chin as she sits on the sink in the bathroom. They chase each other around their tent. He kisses her inside the tent.

She sets her bicycle against the brick wall of the diner and walks inside. A server gives her a cup of a tea. She glances out the window as she dips the teabag in the cup. Pausing, she sees the twentysomething man walk into the diner and shake hands with his friends. He sits across from her and says “hello.”

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man shows her a picture of his baby he had with his girlfriend. She grins and says the baby has his eyes. The twentysomething man says he can’t believe he’s a father. His girlfriend told him but it didn’t sink in until he saw the ultrasound. He explains he wants to be a good father to his boy. Kramer pats his hand and says she knows his child will have a wonderful life with him.

She shoves the half sandwich on her plate aside as he leaves. The server asks her if she’d like a container. She tells her no. Her stomach was uneasy and her skin was hot. She walks to the bathroom and sits on the toilet, trying to breathe between tears. He had told her he wasn’t ready for a long-term commitment, much less children when they together. His current girlfriend got the entire life she wanted with him.

The twentysomething man texts her, asking her if he can join her while she bikes. She scratches her head, debating to delete the message or respond yes right away. What did he want? Was he miserable with his girlfriend? Did he actually want to be friends with her? She types back, “yes” and turns her phone upside down on the table. Something was starting but she didn’t know what.

Director: Kristin Barlowe Year: 2012

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