Video Review: E.U. “Da Butt”

Spike Lee tells the thirtysomething man, “it’s called Da Butt, da butt” and calls out “playback!” He motions for the assistant director to follow him. The twentysomething women walk into the cafeteria and dance. Gregory, William, Genairo, Timothy, Ivan, Valentino, Darryel and Michal play in the center.

Gregory and the rest of E.U. walk down the hallway. Three twentysomething women dance as they pass a classroom. Lee dances on the professor’s desk while a group of people shake their butts. He joins the group of people in the hallway. Back in the cafeteria, the group of people alternating holding up a green or red sheet as they stand in a circle.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething man walks to class and takes his seat. A second twentysomething man comments the protests outside are so distracting. The twentysomething man says he really doesn’t care. He just wants to get his degree and have some fun. A twentysomething woman waves at him and he smiles at her.

The twentysomething man bumps into a third twentysomething man. The third twentysomething man asks him if he’s pledging. The twentysomething man says he was thinking about it. The twentysomething man invites him to his fraternity’s open house.

The twentysomething man tosses the flyers about the environment, bigotry and equality in the trash. He didn’t have time for it.

Director: Spike Lee Year: 1988

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