Video Review: Walker Hayes & Kesha “Fancy Like (Remix)”

Walker Hayes parks his truck in the lot of the diner. Kesha kicks open the door as he takes out the cooler. He places hot dogs on his engine and grills them. A twentysomething man takes out the chairs and puts his hand on his chest while the hot dogs cook.

Kesha dances on top of the counter. Their friends sit in the booths, smiling and dancing in the seats. The twentysomething man puts mustard on his hot dog as he sits inside the diner. Kesha and Hayes dance in the aisle. Hayes tosses a horseshoe at the park. A beach ball hits a second twentysomething man’s head. He fills the inflatable pool in the truck. Kesha sits over it.

The twentysomething rides a Radio Flyer wagon. Hayes rides a skateboard. Kesha plays a homemade version of croquet. During Hayes’ turn, the ball goes through a tower of Natural Light beer cans. Two fiftysomething women dance on the patio Hayes and his wife hold hands. Kesha dances in her lawn chair as their friends watch a movie in the backyard. The twentysomething man holds up two boxes of Franzia box wine. A twentysomething woman pours herself from the watercooler. At night, Hayes, Kesha and their friends dance in the parking lot of the diner.

Rating: 3/5

Walker Hayes looks over the menu. A Southwestern burger sounded so mouthwatering good. However, it was almost $10 and he knew his wife wanted to get it, too. Kesha walks over to their table and tells him she’s paying for their dinner tonight. Hayes he scrambled up enough money. She tells him to use it for something for their home and enjoy their lunch.

Kesha wiggles her toes in the inflatable pool. Hayes’ wife, Laurel sits next to her. They clink their plastic cups filled with wine. Laurel says she hasn’t had a girl’s night in a long time. Kesha says they are just warming up. The fortysomething woman leans in, telling Laurel, be prepared for anything. Kesha raises her glasses, shouts “yeah” and dives into the inflatable pool, splashing everyone.

Hayes sets up the course. Kesha calls out for more beer cans. One of their twentysomething man finishes his beer and gives it to her. Kesha stands up and claps, saying it’s lovely. Hayes it’s time for the rematch. Kesha jumps on his back, saying she won’t be defeated. Laughing, she climbs off and says he’s one of the best players in her group of her friends.

Director: Rehman Ali Year: 2021

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