Video Review: Mahalia & AJ Tracey “Roadside”

Greg sits in the car, texting to Beth, “hey beautiful…thinking of u.” Beth responds, “don’t u have a gf?” He tells her no. The twentysomething woman next to him gets out of the door and walks to Mahalia’s Roadside Redemption food truck.

The twentysomething woman and Mahalia smile at each other. AJ Tracey, sitting at a patio table with some soda next to him, grins. Mahalia files her nails and wipes a shelf holding a baseball bat. Two twentysomething women, wearing Juicy Couture outfits, carry trays of hamburgers. They serve Greg and the twentysomething woman. As they tie up Greg in his chair, they whisper in his ear. Mahalia dances with the two twentysomething women near her food truck.

Tracey holds a baseball bat as he sits on top of Greg’s car. Mahalia circles around it. The twentysomething woman slurps her shake. Tracey and Mahalia break his windshield. She smashes his mirrors and snaps off the hood ornament. Greg stares at it in his French fries. Mahalia, the twentysomething woman and the two servers sit by his car. She writes on a notepad. On screen, the definition of softboi is given.

Rating: 3/5

Mahalia writes down an order for a thirtysomething woman. She gives hand it off to Tracey. The thirtysomething woman looks down as she pays and repeats again for her husband’s hot dog not to be burned. Tracey holds up the hot dog and asks her if it’s okay. The thirtysomething woman tries to get her husband’s attention as he texts on the phone. She tells him, “it’s fine, it’s fine.”

While the two twentysomething women serve them, Mahalia says, “I don’t have a good feeling about him.” Tracey says he’s been smiling while on the phone the entire time. Mahalia walks up to the thirtysomething and asks if they are enjoying their food. Her husband complains his stupid wife got the hot dog too burned and it tastes terrible. She motions for the rope. Tracey gives it to the servers.

It was her fourth car. Mahalia closes the window on her food truck and says the numbers have been up lately. Tracey puts on his jacket saying that there’s a lot of toxic relationships. Mahalia says she felt so sorry for the thirtysomething woman. She seemed was scared. One of the servers were able to take her to one of their homes. Mahalia says she’s going to check on the women and tells Tracey she’ll see him tomorrow. Tracey waves goodbye and gets inside his truck.

Director: Pip+Lib Year: 2021

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