Video Review: Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy”

Richard stands with his arms crossed near his head against a white background. Twentysomething women in bikinis take pictures of him on the runway. In black-and-white, a shirtless man wears sunglasses and dances. Back in color, Richard gets out of his car. As he walks with Fred, a twentysomething woman takes his picture. A second twentysomething man rips off their shirts.

The Statute of Liberty is seen in footage as Richard continues to dance. A third twentysomething pouts as she pulls her hair to the side. A third twentysomething walks on the runway during a fashion show. Rob plays the guitar as he sits on the sidewalk. Richard, Rob and Fred walk on the sidewalk. Richard loses his hat.

A fourth twentysomething woman, wearing a feathered headpiece, sings on stage. A fifth twentysomething, wearing a gray skintight gown, walks on the runway. A sixth twentysomething woman poses as she stands on the dock. A seventh twentysomething woman, wearing a catsuit, turns against the white background. Richard and Fred flex their muscles.

Rating: 2/5

Richard slicks back his hair as he stands by the store display mirror. No one has recognized him yet. He’s been in Vogue multiple times. He has worn fashion most people in his small town could never afford. His personal photographer snaps his picture and he puckers his lips. A twentysomething woman blushes as she sees him. He blows her a kiss. Some days he liked women. Other days, he preferred men. It was toss-up.

He lifts weights up in the gym and admires his muscles. He checks out some of the men on the treadmill. A twentysomething man glares at him, asking him “what are you looking at?” Richard responds, “nothing.” He had to be better about being discreet. Any rumors could destroy his burgeoning model career.

The photographer tells him he’s gorgeous and handsome as he poses. He kisses the photographer and says it’s always a pleasure to work with him. The photographer whispers to him his home address. He tells him he won’t be able to make it tonight. There’s a party he must attend. A director he has to know is going to be there. The photographer says he can give him an introduction. Richard had heard those promises before. He says he’ll see him tomorrow.

Director: James Lebon Year: 1991

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