Video Review: The Killers “Human”

Brandon carries a painting as he walks on the mountains in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. Lit in by golden light, Brandon grips the microphone stand as he sings on the mountain. Ronnie, Dave and Mark play next to him. Smoke hovers by the four paintings displayed. An eagle flies over Brandon.

A white tiger yawns. A cougar walks between the rocks. Multiple squares feature Ronnie drumming. Brandon salutes as he sings. Ronnie, Brandon, Dave and Mark hold up portraits of each other over their faces. At night, they stand together. The image turns into a painting.

Rating: 1/5

Brandon kneels on the ground. He asks the Earth for her gentle guidance. As he looks up into the sky, he swears he can see God. He stares at his blank canvas, closes his eyes and sees it in his mind. The painting was going to be his greatest work. It would net him awards and accolades.

Brandon tears at the canvas a couple laughs. He glares at them while they walk by him. The twentysomething woman asks him if he knows if there are any fishing areas nearby. Brandon says they are not here to harm God’s creatures. They are here to treasure the land they are on. The twentysomething man murmurs “thanks” and walks away.

He covers the painting in his room. No one can see it until he is able to present it to the world. His friends ask to see to it. However, he tells them they can’t. It’ll destroy the energy of it. He creates a file for it on his computer. Within every dot, he could see something he didn’t before.

Director: Danny Drysdale Year: 2008

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