Video Review: Michael Ray “Whiskey and Rain”

Michael Ray sits in his car as it rains. The DJ on the radio says, “it looks the storm is going to stick around until morning. But I’ll be here all night to keep you company.” He opens his flip phone, types and then closes it. In the bar, he sits in a booth, holding a glass.

He walks to the counter and orders a drink. A twentysomething man talks to him, touching his glass. He spots a second twentysomething man and woman sitting at a table. Raising his glass, he walks up and joins them. They talk. He gets up and the second twentysomething man hugs his waist. Ray clinks his glass with him and the twentysomething woman.

Ray sings on stage as the second twentysomething man and woman dance. He points the microphone at a thirtysomething woman sitting at a table. She sings with him and joins him on stage. They sit and talk. She shows him a picture. Ray says good night to the bartender.

At the door, Hank smokes and comments, “it’s a hell of a thing, ain’t it? Love. It’s a beautiful thing. And then one day, for one reason or another, it turns to pain. You wake up tomorrow and she’ll be the first thing you think about. Life goes on. And then one day, you’ll wake up, she’ll be the second thing.” Ray tells him, “I’ll see you around, Hank.” Hank responds to himself, “I hope not.”

Rating: 3/5

Michael Ray spins a quarter as he sits in the bar. He explains the brand to the bartender. The bartender tells him they don’t carry it. Ray points to it on the shelf. The bartender hadn’t been there long. Hank, the owner, told him he had to let it go. Ray says he wishes the Jon hadn’t gotten sick. Hank pats him on the shoulder and tells him to go home.

Ray calls up the thirtysomething woman. He asks if she’d like to get together for a song. She says good to hear from him. But she went back home and won’t be able to join him. He asks her when she moved. She tells him right before it got bad. It was a while since she seen her parents and she missed them. She tells him to sing a song for her during karaoke night and say hello to Hank.

The twentysomething man introduces him to the third twentysomething woman. They’ve been hanging out for awhile. “This is the one,” the twentysomething man says in his ear, “I’m going to marry her.” Ray forces a grin. He thinks about the second twentysomething woman and if she was okay. The twentysomething man asks him for a song. Ray tells him “not tonight.”

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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