Video Review: Adele “Easy On Me”

In black-and-white, Adele walks inside her home and looks out the window. She picks up her suitcase and puts on her sunglasses. As she walks to her car, she says “hello, darling” on her phone. She tells her friend, “I’m good, I got it. I’m packed. If I’m late, go ahead and start without me, you’re good.” While the wind blows, she says, “I’m getting a bad signal. I can hear you perfectly, can you hear me?”

Sitting in her car, she puts in a cassette and waves her hands out the window as she drives. A For Sale sign sits on the lawn. A “Happy Holidays” sign decorates an RV in the field. People sit in lawn chairs by the plastic snowmen and tree. A thirtysomething woman opens a glass of champagne. A twentysomething woman, wearing a wedding gown, smiles as she raises her arms. The second twentysomething man, in a suit, smiles at her as they drive.

Pages fly out of the passenger seat of Adele’s car. The pages continues to fly as Adele sits in a char inside the home. As she sings, it changes to color. Two 16-year-old girls talk as they lean their head out of the car windows. She turns around in her chair.

Rating: 2/5

It was the same roads. Adele turns right at the light, like she always does. There was no need to stray from the directions. Some of her friends told her of a faster way by using a different road and she dismissed them. She liked seeing the trees. The familiarity was a comfort.

She sits in the café. The server brings her order without her saying a word. Each server already knew what she liked. She thinks of adding some honey to tea. However, even a drop would ruin it for her. She brings the cup to her lips and watches the people enter the stores.

Her best friend tells her to throw the chair out. It was torn in the middle. Adele says it can be restored. She’s had it since she lived with her parents. Her best friend carries it to the end of the lawn. Adele peeks out the window as she opens the boxes. Her friend tells her she’s glad to have her back. Adele kisses her on the cheek, telling her it’s a joy. As her friend turns onto the next block, Adele rushes out into the lawn and hauls the chair back inside.

Director: Xavier Dolan Year: 2021

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