Video Review: Gregory Abbott “Shake You Down”

Lit in cobalt, a twentysomething woman lifts her head from the pillow. A second twentysomething woman plays the harmonica against a cocoa brown background. In rose pink, a third twentysomething woman sits on a couch. Against a white background, Gregory Abbott holds onto a chair.

In black-and-white, the twentysomething woman sits by the brick, smiles and laughs into her knee. Back in cobalt, Abbott continues to sing. He hugs the second twentysomething woman against the cocoa brown background. In black-and-white, his shadow is behind him as he stands. The twentysomething woman sits in a chair and watches Abbott on television. Back in cobalt, the the third twentysomething takes off her pullover as she sits on the couch.

In rose pink, the second twentysomething woman sings into the microphone. She dances with the third twentysomething woman. The third twentysomething woman dances in her nightgown. Abbott sings into the microphone against the cocoa brown background.

Rating: 2.5/5

Gregory Abbott taps his foot as the second twentysomething woman sings on stage. He leans in the chair in the dressing room, telling her she has to go on tour with him. She sips her water and says they both know what will happen. Abbott says it’s not just about sex. She’ll get noticed. The second twentysomething woman grins and touches his arm. She says she wants to say yes. Abbott kisses her on the cheek and tells her to think about it.

The third twentysomething woman crosses her legs as she sit in the chair. “He did what?” The second twentysomething woman says he’s been calling her. The third twentysomething woman says she shouldn’t turn him down. The second twentysomething woman asks if they hung out in awhile. The third twentysomething woman says not in five months.

The twentysomething woman waits for Abbott’s call. She listens to his music on television. It was her way of being with him. A car pulls up in her driveway. It was Abbott’s. She glances at the television on more time and grabs her suitcase. She’ll be seeing him in person in less than two hours.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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