Video Review: Deana Carter “We Danced Anyway”

Deana Carter and the twentysomething man run on the Puerta De Terra beach in in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A band plays in the street. She twirls in her dress as she stands by a rock. Raising her arms, she stands between the buildings in the city.

A thirtysomething man stands by Bienvenidos store. The twentysomething man picks her up on the sand. They sit on a bench painted with the Puerto Rican flag. He holds her hand as they walk to a fountain. A seventysomething man smiles. She sits by a mural. The twentysomething man waits for her on the steps. They dance as the band plays in the street. A few children play a game on the court as they watch. She rolls over in the sand.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething man scans the Puerto Rico trip 1997 pictures into the computer. He calls for Deana Carter to come over. Carter says she remembers the trip. He taps the screen and says the band was really fun. She says one of the band members wanted to know if they were married. He tells her he wanted to ask her then but he was too nervous.

Carter says she didn’t understand much. She had her book out the entire time. The twentysomething man says he thinks he found the song online. He’d been looking for it. On the website, he clicks the video and it begins to play. They dance in the study.

The twentysomething man tells her they should go to Madrid for their next trip. Carter says it’ll be so romantic. He says they’ll eat authentic tacos and stay in a villa. She says they’ll listen to guitarists as they walk on the sidewalk. As she spins, she says it’ll be romantic and fun. He says he’s looking up vacation packages right now.

Director: Roger Pistole Year: 1997


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