Video Review: Jesse McCartney & T-Pain “Body Language”

Lit with a golden glow, T-Pain records his section in the studio. Jesse McCartney sits at the soundboard, nodding his head. Back in color, twentysomething woman raise their arms in the air as McCartney performs. Lit in royal blue, McCartney sings on stage. He laughs as he sits in the tour bus.

Wearing a bikini, a twentysomething woman walks on the beach. A towel on his shoulder, he continues to sing on stage. While holding a video game controller, he dances in place on the couch. He and his friends ride a rollercoaster. Back in gold, T-Pain and McCartney laugh in the studio. McCartney lip syncs to T-Pain’s part.

Rating: 2/5

Jesse McCartney makes up a word in Spanish. It sounded like a word he heard in a movie. The twentysomething woman stares at him, asking him in her language. “what?” The word seemed familiar. He points to her and then to the restaurant, miming eating. The twentysomething woman shakes her head and walks away.

McCartney sighs and gets back in line at the amusement park. His friend asks him she said no. McCartney says she couldn’t understand him. She was a Latina and he tried to say something in Spanish. He figured she may recognize it. As he gets on the ride, he mutters subtitles are useless.

McCartney checks out the women in the front row during his concert. He avoids eye contact. Some of them were beautiful. However, they weren’t his type and he didn’t want to get their hopes up. As he sings, he thinks of going to the amusement park the next day.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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