Video Review: Jesy Nelson & Nicki Minaj “Boyz”

A sprinkler sprays a lawn in Pefectville. A sixtysomething man picks up his newspaper in the driveway. His jaw drops as he watches a tour bus park across the street from him. Several twentysomething women walk off the bus. Jesy Nelson tosses the For Sale off the lawn.

She sits on top of the roof. On her front lawn, one of the twentysomething women splashes water over a second twentysomething woman’s butt. A tattooed thirtysomething man flexes his muscles. A twentysomething man lies on a lounge chair and smokes. A group of twentysomething men follow Nelson as she rides a bicycle in the street.

Standing on her lawn, she gestures for a third twentysomething woman to hand her a golf club. She hits the tee and breaks a window with the golf ball. Diddy rings the doorbell, telling her, “Jeezy, Jesy, Little Mix, whatever you are calling y’all calling yourself these days, check it out. I live next door.” Nelson sucks on her lollipop as she listens. “Golf balls, new windows. It’s not gonna work…And Friday night is my night, a’ght?” Nelson rolls her eyes as Diddy says “hands off on Friday nights. If y’all are having a party, you’ve got to invite me, too. Welcome to the neighborhood. Good luck to you in your career.” She catches the golf ball from Diddy.

She sits in the backseat of a convertible with some of the twentysomething men. The twentysomething men work out on her lawn. She takes a piece of sushi off a tray. While in the golf outfit, she pulls her blouse down to show cleavage. The sixtysomething man dunks his head in the pool and smiles. Her friends cheer for him. Nelson dances with the twentysomething men in the street. Nicki Minaj raps in her garage. Nelson and Minaj stand by the hood of a car. Nelson and the twentysomething men dance by a golden light Boyz sign.

Rating: 0/5

Jesy Nelson, her body slathered in bronze self-tanner, crosses her legs as she sits on her front lawn. She kisses her Black boyfriend on the lips. The thirtysomething woman across the street shakes her head. Nelson whispers to him, “they are just making people mad.” She bursts out laughing as he lifts her up and carries her into her house.

She snaps her fingers as she vents about her neighbor to one of her boyfriend’s friends. The twentysomething woman shifts uncomfortably in her seat and tells her the snap gesture is outdated. Nelson continues, saying no one in the neighborhood is woke. The twentysomething woman clears her throat.

Nelson shows off her manicure, saying “I got my nails did!” She swings her braided weave and says it took forever. She says the twentysomething woman will know how to take care of the braids. As she texts the twentysomething woman, she asks her boyfriend something is up with her. Her boyfriend said the twentysomething woman told him she was racist and asked him to choose. He tells her, “I chose you, bitch” Nelson deletes her on the contact list, saying “that bish gon’ learn not to fuck wit’ me.”

Director: Harry James Year: 2021

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