Video Review: Eslabon Armado & Danny Lux “Jugaste y Sufri”

Pedro leans against a car by a graffitied wall at night. He walks arm-in-arm with an 17-year-old girl in the California Dreaming diner. The host takes them to their diner. They look over their menus. Pedro, Brian and Gabriel perform in the corner of the diner.

Lit in lavender, Gabriel sits on the floor of the arcade, his head against the pinball machine. He walks with a 16-year-old girl to a pinball machine. She receives a phone call and he notices the name. The 17-year-old girl takes out her phone as she talks with Pedro at the diner. Pedro, Gabriel and Brian perform at the arcade. They stand by the car and sing. Pedro drives the car at night while Gabriel nods his head to the music.

Gabriel plays foosball with the 17-year-old girl. She types on her phone while standing at the pinball machine. Gabriel and Pedro continue to drive.

Rating: 2.5/5

Pedro bites into his hamburger. He comments to the 17-year-old girl that it’s the best burger he tasted. She “hmms” as she types on her phone. He asks, “a friend tell you a joke?” She giggles and says it’s kind of inside. He wouldn’t get it. Pedro says they should come back sometime. She continues to giggle while on her phone, muttering “yeah. Let’s.”

Pedro drives her home and thinks of telling her “it’s over.” However, he didn’t it want to be over. Perhaps she needed some space for the night. He was going to let it go again. On their last date, she talked with her friends as he sat on the couch, playing a video game.

The 17-year-old girl says they should break up. It’s been three months and they should see other people. He says “okay.” She responds. “okay?” Putting her phone down, she asks, “aren’t you going to fight for me?” Pedro turns right as he tells her, “It’s what you want and maybe I’m not the man for you.” She demands for him to stop and let her out of the car. He parks the car in a subdivision and tells her to get home safe.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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