Video Review: Maren Morris “80s Mercedes”

Lit in candy red, Maren Morris drives a Mercedes as the sun sets over the mountain. She dances in her seat as she passes by palm trees. Lit in electric blue, Morris raises her arms as she sits in the backseat. The billboards blur as her friend speeds in the city. It changes to to candy red  as she sits on the hood while her friend drives and rotates. to the electric blue.

In teal, Morris parks in a forest and leans against her car at night. It rotates to back to electric blue and candy red. Back in electric blue, a twentysomething man smiles at her as he drives her car. They park by the cliff and talk on the hood. It continues to switch back and forth between the electric blue, teal and candy red.

Rating: 2.5/5

Maren Morris removes the sheet off her 1980s Mercedes. She walks around it, checking for any scratches. Sometimes her younger brother liked to drive it and not to tell her. The twentysomething man says he has to drive it. She tosses him the keys and tells him to “let’s go.”

As they drive, he asks her about the car. She tells him she saved up for it. When she was a child, she saw it in a movie and said she’d get one. She adds she had to restore it to get it working again. He says driving it is a dream come true. She rests her feet on the dashboard and says she has new dreams as she glances at him.

She and the twentysomething man sit on lawn chairs at the car show. A sixtysomething man offers her a decent amount for it. She takes down his name and number. The twentysomething man says, “you’re not considering it, are you?” She says she has had time with her it. Maybe someone else should enjoy it.

Director: Alon Isocianu Year: 2016

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