Video Review: Jennifer Warnes “First We Take Manhattan”

Lit in teal, a fiftysomething man speaks. Lit in apple red, an alarm clocks on a nightstand. In a soft yellow, three twentysomething women run down the street in New York City, New York. Jennifer Warnes dances in an empty apartment building. A helicopter flies over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wearing sunglasses, Warnes lies on the floor. Stevie Ray Vaughan plays the guitar on a bridge. A fiftysomething man (Leonard Cohen) stands by the window of the apartment building. Four twentysomething women stand in a row. One of the twentysomething woman walks up to the fiftysomething man in his apartment. Several twentysomething men run in the city. The twentysomething woman rubs her hand on her cheek.

Two of the twentysomething women argue in the apartment. Warnes continues to walk down the street. The fiftysomething man sits on the stairs as the twentysomething woman passes by him. Warnes looks out the window.

Rating: 2.5/5

The fiftysomething man gestures for the twentysomething woman to sit down. He tilts her head and asks her to stay still. The twentysomething woman drinks some wine as she walks by the some of the paintings in the apartment. She points to one of Jennifer Warnes and asks about her. The fiftysomething man says she was one of her proteges.

Jennifer Warnes teaches her class at the university. A student asks her about her relationship with the fiftysomething man. Warnes says he was her mentor and reiterates the assignment to them. The fiftysomething man hadn’t contacted her in years. He had likely cycled dozens of of women since they met.

Warnes takes a photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge. She thinks of the fiftysomething man telling her not to hold back. In her purse, she finds an invitation he sent to her. “Jennifer, dear, please don’t be curt.” She stares at the photo of the painting. It was now one of his classic works. She puts the picture back in her purse.

Director: Paula Walker Year: 1986

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