Video Review: Meek Mill “Expensive Pain”

The propellers of the helicopter whirr as Meek Mill walks to it. A group of people raise their glasses in the air. Mill says “let’s keep it sexy. Let’s keep it classy, ok?” Some of his friends exclaim “oh!” In black-and-white, a bowl of strawberries and candies sit on a table in a plane. Back in color, Mill looks at some Richard Mille watches.

Lit in royal blue, his driver parks at the house. He sits in the backseat, the ceiling sparkling. The car heads to the Battery Park in New York City, New York. He plays a game of chess with a twentysomething man. At the pool, he takes off his shirt and throws it near the floor. He clinks glasses of champagne with people at an industry party.

He sits at the edge of the pool while water falls by him. Someone holds up a drawing of Martin Luther King, Jr. In home video footage, Mill’s mom walks with a cane into his home. Mill waits for her by the stairs. In the car, he holds up a stack of money. He stands on the balcony of his home, showing off his watch.

A thirtysomething woman listens to him as they sit at a conference table. Fans reach out their hands to him as they stand behind the barricade. He reads the newspaper as he sits on the couch. In black-and-white, he talks to Revolt. Lit in teal, a twentysomething woman dances at the club.

Rating: 3/5

Meek Mill moves the king on the chess board. His friend sits in his chair, staring at the board. Mill puts on his jacket and tells him they can pick it up later. He has to get to work. His friend tells him to give him five minutes and he moves his chess piece. Mill says “damn” as he glances at the board. It was going to be impossible to win now.

Mill talks to his mom. His mom says for him to be safe and not to drink too much at the party. He tells her she won’t find any embarrassing photos online. While in the parking lot, he spots photographers. As he walks inside, people shout they love him. Some ask personal questions. He waves to them and walks inside the party.

Mill talks with a reporter about his album. A second reporter asks him about scheduling an interview. Mill checks his schedule and says he has some time on Wednesday morning. The second reporter says he’ll talk to his editor. A radio director shakes his hand. Mill asks him how he’s doing. However, he couldn’t remember the radio director’s name. He’d been up all day and likely will be again tonight. As the radio director talks about certain markets, Mill tries to stay awake.

Director: Carters Vision Year: 2021

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