Video Review: Priscilla Block “Just About Over You”

Wearing a bathrobe, Priscilla Block fluffs her hair and puts on some blush in the mirror. She talks with her friends as she gets ready. A twentysomething woman smiles as she brings a bottle of wine. She pours a glass for her and each of her friends. Block applies lipstick on a second twentysomething woman’s lips. She sings into her brush and puts on earrings.

Block says hello the thirtysomething man standing at the entrance. She and her friends walk in together. They talk at their table as they drink from their bottles. A twentysomething man approaches Block and they talk. Lit in royal blue, she dances with him. She returns to to their table with several drinks and hugs one of her friends. Turning around, she sees her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend stares at her.

Block stands by the bathroom. He walks up to her, says hello and asks her if she wants to talk. She shakes her head and walks back to her friends. He bites his lip. Back at home, she sits on her bed. She checks her phone and sees a notification for three missed calls. Standing by the mirror, she drinks some wine. In a voicemail, her ex-boyfriend tells her, “if you’re still there, I’m just giving you a call to let you know I’m really sorry about tonight. And I’ve just been thinking about you lately and could you just give me a call when you get a chance?”

Rating: 3/5

Priscilla Block presses her finger on his name in her phone. In a way, she wanted to know what he had to say. She had the words within the first week of breaking up with her. He was going to regret it. He was going to miss her. And she wasn’t going to care at all.

However, she did care. They were a part of each other’s lives for a couple of years. She wanted to tell him she thought about him every so often. A dinner would be nice. She’d order one of the most expensive meals and tell him how much she’s changed.

She removes her finger from his name. Putting her phone to her ear, she listens to the voicemail again and deletes it. There was nothing else for her to know. She was finally a version of herself she liked. In a text, she tells him it’s best if they don’t talk anymore. She sits on her bed and lets the tears fall.

Director: Logen Christopher Year: 2020

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