Video Review: Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule & Cadillac Tah “Ain’t It Funny (Murder Remix)”

Jennifer Lopez opens the door and tilts her head as she sees her ex-boyfriend standing on the doormat. Ja Rule, a twentysomething woman (Ashanti) and several friends sit on a couch in the family room. She stands with Rule in a white tiled room. Cadillac Tah joins them. Lopez walks in the room by herself.

Lopez talks to her ex-boyfriend as they stand at the door. As he follows her inside, he checks out her butt. A twentysomething nods at him. He glances at the people sitting on the couch. Rule plays a card game with their friends. Her ex-boyfriend listens to her as they talk in her bedroom. She sits on a chair in a flame orange painted room.

They walk back into the family room again. He stares at the twentysomething woman. Lopez catches him and rolls her eyes. He hangs out with Tah as he records in the studio. Lopez leans against the soundboard and watches Tah. He shows her his watch as they walk to the door. Lopez opens the door and gestures for him to leave. She does a kick after she shuts the door. One of her friends talk to her as she squeezes in next to Rule on the couch. Lopez sits on the counter in the kitchen. Rule raps beside her.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jennifer Lopez dances with some of her friends. She excuses herself and says she’s going to get some water. In the kitchen, she pours herself a glass. Ja Rule walks in and asks her how she’s doing. Lopez says she’s better. Seeing her ex-boyfriend threw her off. Rule says it took a lot of nerve for him to come over. Lopez says she had mentioned but didn’t expect him to be at her door.

Her ex-boyfriend told her he had gotten a new job. He was able to move out of the apartment. He got his bills paid off. Lopez had shrugged it off. In two months, he’ll be back to his usual self: missing payments and living on another friend’s couch. He says he still loves her and she looks up.

The twentysomething woman says her ex-boyfriend kept staring at her. Lopez recaps the conversation she had with him. The twentysomething woman says it’s a good thing she got out. Lopez says thanks for giving her a place to stay. The twentysomething woman says it’s what friends do and motions for her to follow her. Lopez asks her what they are doing. The twentysomething woman says they are going to sneak out for a little while.

Director: Herb Ritts Year: 2002

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